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Explaining ObamaCare to Kids: The Legend of Montooth and the Dillos

The latest from Award Winning author Robert Jay...

Children and adults will enjoy this whimsical tale that follows the enormous alligator Montooth as he teams with fellow Florida swamp creatures facing an ethical dilemma.  Readers will be able to identify with the good and bad human behavior exhibited by the animals, including arrogant bureaucrats like the scheming Obnock who seek to dominate true contributors to swamp society.  Willit, the heroic dillo, works with his loyal animal crew to develop a life-saving invention for his village, while struggling to combat forces of government overreach.

Though "ObamaCare" appears in the title, young readers will not find a legal treatise of constitutional law or an analysis of mandated medical services.  Instead, the audience is treated to a lively story of animals whose behavior explains the important principles on which America was founded and which are now at risk.

Young readers will relate to the characters and will easily recognize the morals of the story. Their parents will appreciate the opportunity to connect the story to modern world developments, including the establishment of ObamaCare.

Follow Montooth, Willit, and their faithful friends as they work together to fight for what is right in a society much like our own.  The young and young at heart will relish in joining these virtuous animals in their quest for an ethical society, and will be entertained every step of the way.


This tale originally appeared as a small part in one of Robert Jay's Award Winning adult/young adult Montooth novels.  He has enjoyed transforming it into a classic children's fable with homage to Aesop, Lewis Carroll, and Hans Christian Andersen.  Jay's signature fables, enjoyed by all ages, use a variety of animals to explain life values.

Recipient of These Awards:
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Juvenile Fiction
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