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Montooth and the Canfield Witch - 1st in the Series

This Award Winning novel begins with the spirited main character leading her close male compatriots in The Crew on heart thumping mayhem through the Florida swamps in 1950.

Deep in Morose Swamp, on the outskirts of the Everglades, Carty and her friends encounter the last descendant of a family chased out of Salem, Massachusetts by Seventeenth Century witch hunters.  The hag is being dogged by a nasty band of treasure hunters led by The Cuban, the cold, unemotional ex-Marine imbued with deadly focus and intelligence. 

The four teenaged members of The Crew are torn by their parents’ warnings to avoid the so-called witch's house and the chivalrous, protective impulses they feel despite their fears. 

Tucked inside the adventure is a fable about a unique alligator named Montooth whose presence in real life plays a key role in the story. 

Young adult readers will enjoy learning about lives of students in an era without television, cell phones, and iPods.  Older readers will recall with fondness many of the long gone or seldom seen products that appear, like Bab-O, DeSoto, and Moon Pies.

Carty is a well-grounded and capable girl whom today's teens can admire.  Her male friends, who comprise a trio of diverse backgrounds, share a bond of bravery, loyalty, and ability with her.  Though good is generally rewarded in Montooth and the Canfield Witch, and evil is usually punished, getting there is an arduous and frightening trip.

Recipient of these Literary Awards:

The Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award for Historical Fiction.
Young Voices Foundation Award for Young Adult Fiction.
Young Voices Foundation Award for Adult Fiction.
Young Voices Foundation Award for Young Adult Mystery/Suspense.

Publication Date: 08/2009. pp.443. Hardcover    Click HERE to order!             Kindle Ebook     Click HERE to order!     

       Excerpts from the Book:

Carty knew that long shadows from the failing sunlight would cast strange illusions if she were to allow her imagination to run loose.  Strands of Spanish moss hanging from tree branches resembled soldiers, ghosts, or dragons to a lazy mind.  "Or even witches," she whispered to herself.


 "Duck Lake is Montooth's territory. He keeps the lake population down, except for the ducks. He never eats ducks."


"Oh, no, not The Cuban, Damon. The Cuban doesn't like me. You said we wouldn't need him."
"The Cuban doesn't dislike you, Hostetter. You are not significant enough to even register on his radar."

A piece of burning wood snapped in the stove, the only sound in the house. Mack's eyes widened, and he spotted an oddly shaped old broom standing in a large round coal bucket. A black cat reclining on the hearth looked up and blinked. Blake examined the door as if planning their escape.

 "The Mystery of the Names" Contest (now closed):

The first names of the majority of upstanding characters in Montooth and the Canfield Witch have something in common, as do the first names of most of the nefarious characters.  And one of the names is a bit of a twist.  Solve the mystery of the good guy names, the bad guy names, and the twist to win the contest and the impressive prize.

Steve Todd of Costa Mesa, California was the Contest Winner!  By solving the Mystery, Mr. Todd won a one-of-a-kind autographed and leather-bound copy of the second book in the Montooth Series.

Click here for The Author page, where you can see the winning entry.  Scroll down there to peruse a list of the names (good guys and bad guys) that inspired author Robert Jay to develop "The Mystery of the Names" Contest.