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Montooth 3: Red Cross of Gold

The newest release in the multiple Award Winning Montooth quintet features Carty Andersson and the other teen members of The Crew — Blake, Hale, and Mack —  finishing their senior year of high school and entering college. 

It is the mid-1950s when The Crew welcomes in the rock 'n' roll era, watches as television replaces radio shows, and experiences an introduction of bikinis on American beaches.

Once at Purdue University, The Crew is swept into the bizarre and gruesome murder of a professor, and the group of friends is shocked to discover that Carty is the prime suspect — in large part because of her prowess with a bow and arrow. Carty’s cousin Grant joins The Crew to help prove her innocence.

Carty’s elementary school nemesis, Dolder, is back as well, ratcheting up his plans to make Carty’s life miserable while she deals with increasing police pressure.

Meanwhile in Cuba, the diabolical Cruz Cruz deepens his influence with Fidel and Raúl Castro. Carty’s close friend Elena is drawn to Cruz and enticed into the Cuban Revolution. Though Carty is focused on her engineering studies, Elena’s accounts of rebel adventures begin to influence Carty’s chosen career path.

Readers discover more about the ancestors of Sally Canfield — the former “witch” and title character from the first Montooth novel. Secrets are revealed regarding the origins and extent of the vast Canfield fortune, stemming from the era of the Knights Templar in the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

Sally introduces another of Robert Jay’s charming signature fables, this time about Montooth, the enormous alligator, encountering a war of the bees, bears, and ants in the Florida swamps.

Action and adventure abound in this third Montooth installment that presents a riveting story line combining history and mystery. Carty and The Crew learn valuable lessons in this next stage of their lives, discovering that the bonds of friendship can transcend both distance and ideology. The Crew also learns, however, that virtue may not always win out.

Recipient of These Literary Awards:

Eric Hoffer Book Award, Honorable Mention for Young Adult Genre.
New England Book Festival Book Awards, Honorable Mention for Young Adult Genre.

Publication Date: 11/2013. pp.512. Hardcover.                       Click HERE to Order!

Excerpts from the Book:

The archer’s plan required a quick death, not the lingering demise his misdirected arrow was producing. 

Carty felt uneasy in the dark, unfamiliar halls.  She heard her own breathing and the clip, clip, clip of her high heels on the linoleum.  The farther she went, the darker and narrower the halls seemed.


The six exceptional skeletons had been clothed in soldiers’ attire.  They reposed, each next to the other, aligned precisely, their swords neatly at their sides.  It was clear that they had not died in battle, so exact and ordered was their positioning.                                                                


And from Robert Jay’s signature embedded fable:

“You would have died stinging my nose?” Montooth asked.  “I’m more than impressed by your loyalty to your hive.  To give up your life defending your friends and family is the highest calling.  Now I’m really happy that my skin is too thick for you to penetrate.  I’d hate to see you die.”

“I’m a little happy about that myself,” Beebert replied, with the smallest hint of a laugh.

The 2011 International Montooth Library Challenge© (now closed)

Montooth publisher Cloverleaf Corporation invited libraries worldwide to participate in an exciting event allowing their readers to suggest a plot or character development to be featured in Montooth 3: Red Cross of Gold, the third installment in Robert Jay’s Award Winning novel series.

Readers from across the globe entered the Montooth Library Challenge, concentrating on the theme of “Reading Builds Character.”  In order to participate, readers were sponsored by their librarians, who hailed from public libraries as well as middle school, high school, university, and international school libraries. 

The team of judges chose the entry of Sara Pauly of Maple Grove, MN, a student at Wayzata Central Middle School.  Her winning idea was in favor of book character Mack Stein; Miss Pauly wanted to see his skills and position as a newspaper journalist used to develop a major story line in the book.  Robert Jay implemented this winning concept, featuring Mack, a reporter for the Purdue University student newspaper, as a key player in solving the bizarre murder of a professor.

As a reward for the win, Robert Jay assigned the names of Sara Pauly and her sponsoring librarian, Judith Rodgers, to fictional characters in Montooth 3: Red Cross of Gold.  Publisher Cloverleaf Corporation also sent Miss Pauly and her school signed copies of Robert Jay’s third Montooth novel.

The help, commitment, and enthusiasm of libraries and librarians throughout the U.S. and abroad were instrumental in the success of the Montooth Library Challenge – thank you to all the participating readers and librarians, and congratulations again to Sara Pauly and Judith Rodgers!